Handmade Black & White Splattered Rock Ceramic Cheese Board

One of a kind handcrafted ceramic cheese platter board. Inspired by everyday needs, this cheese and charcuterie serving tray is specially designed to increase and enhance the lovely experience of sharing a dinner with friends or your loved one. Beautiful to look at and highly functional, this board will give your table setting and daily routine a fun and unique artsy touch. Each piece is entirely made by hand and glazed in a matte glaze with hand painted black splatters that resemble Pollock's artistic work. Due to the handcrafted nature, each serving tray is unique and embodies its own personality. Handwash is advised, microwaves and ovens are discouraged. Dimensions: 26cm. (l) and 19,3cm. (w) / 10.24″ (l) and 7.6″ (w) Handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina