The Eye Cream

The most advanced natural retinol alternative – without the irritation! The Eye Cream is fast-acting on fine lines, signs of aging, and puffiness – think days, not months. Guards delicate, stressed skin from future concerns at the same time. Gives a non-greasy + glowy finish that's great under makeup. • Rich, but never heavy, sticky, or greasy • Noticeably long-lasting, but never melts away • Won't settle into fine lines, and helps undereye makeup look natural and stay set • Conditioning for delicate skin and sensitive spots/issues • Fast-acting anti-aging care (without the drawbacks of retinol) • Long-lasting, non-greasy hydration and illumination • Assists in reversal of milia and keratin build-up • Smooth and erase fine lines with natural, non-toxic ingredients • Calm irritation and help heal eczema flare-ups In a study of 114 participants... 94% say L'AMARUE improved their skin texture 90% say L'AMARUE made their skin look and feel more youthful